These aren't your grandma's counters

These aren't your grandma's counters
Plus they come in fewer colors; soapstone hues are usually greenish black, while slate is very dark. Marble is sleek and polished, and a favorite of the serious baker, while limestone comes in warmer colors but is softer than some other stones and …
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Emery cloth may get rid of stubborn sink stain
Q. When I lifted my carpet and the rug pad under it, the pad had rotted and some of it stuck to the wood floor. I can feel it, but it's not sticky. How can I remove it? — MARY BARBER, BROOKLINE. A. In the future, use a cotton or acrylic pad. To remove …
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A Beginner's Guide to Buying Custom Kitchen Knives
As you can tell, staining is prominent and will get darker over time with more use (the second from bottom knife was new when this photo was taken, but is nearly black by now). Some people are very intolerant of this, and I have friends who refuse to …
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